Lion Clan



The Lions are considered the most loyal and steadfast of all of the clans. While technically no single clan is permitted the honor of reporting directly to the Imperial Court itself, the Lions have always sought to serve as defenders of the Emperor’s will. If he were to express dismay towards a conflict, the Lions would intervene. If bandits were assailing Imperial envoys, the Lions would hurry to put them down. While some consider them to be sycophants, many others consider them the Emperor’s right hand.

Their sense of tradition can be seen as both beneficial and harmful. Due to their unwavering sense of duty, the Lions can be seen as somewhat rigid and difficult to deal with. Deals that violate the Emperor’s will or could be construed as dishonorable will rarely be negotiated by a true Lion. However, any lawful clan can count the Lions among their allies in times of need.

Honor is exceptionally important to the Lions. Their authority was granted by the Imperial Court, and as such their word is law. However, this power is a privilege, and each Lion Daimyo has striven to ensure that it is not abused. The Art of Bushido is taught to all Lions of all castes, starting from a young age. If a person is not capable of carrying themselves with dignity and honor, they are not worthy of their title.



Daimyo: Nakagawa Yoshimoto
Population: 19,800
Military: 6,500
Wealth: Prosperous
Purchase Limit 60,000 gp; Import Limit 150,000 gp
Enterprises: Politics, Guard Work


In the wake of Odabuya, the Lion Clan has struggled to maintain peace throughout Minkai. As each clan has seemingly chosen to pursue its own goals, they have striven to remind the people that the Emperor’s will is eternal and should not be forgotten. Both major and minor clans have made requests of the ever-steadfast Lions, who are finding themselves more and more spread thin. Some have even requested that Nakagawa Yoshimoto himself serve as the Emperor Regent, an idea he has vehemently rejected.

The Dragons of Rebunka have always been close with the Lions, but internal struggles have hindered the support both clans can offer one another.

Relations between Raion no mon and Zukeran have been especially difficult as of late. The Lions see the Wolves as being warmongers taking advantage of the recent tragedy. The Boars of Asagan have also been flexing their muscles in recent months, which worries many that they are trying to upset the status quo. Finally, many Lions are still preoccupied with helping to secure Odabuya.




Raion no mon – Capital

Customs and Traditions

Any Lion of moderate or better means is expected to provide room and board to travelers if needed. Inns, taverns, boarding houses, and other such amenities are often sponsored by the clan itself. A traveler can always count on having, at the very minimum, a warm bed and a simple meal. An individual who cannot provide these courtesies may take it as a personal embarrassment.

Lions always introduce themselves first to outsiders as a sign of both respect and courage. Keeping secrets and looking over one’s shadow is discouraged, while outright duplicity is considered dishonorable.

Lion settlements each have an official storyteller who spends the day walking around and observing the happenings in town. Each work day ends by people gathering to hear the storyteller share what he saw that day. This is a sign of openness and honesty, but also an entertaining way of spreading local news.

Lions believe that artwork of oneself is more than just vane: it can cause a person to lose part of their soul. This superstition started hundreds of years ago when an evil onmyoji terrorized the clan.


The mon of the Lion Clan is a roaring lion stoically warning off its enemies. Their official colors are Red and Gold.

Lion Clan

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