Hornet Clan



The first Min were humans traveling to escape the harsh realities of the outside world. When the first elven refugees found Minkai, they were impressed by the teachings of Akio and pledged to serve the empire. Bringing with them ages of wisdom, the elves were welcomed into the young nation. While they have always been perplexed by the thinking of their contemporaries, the Hornet clan as they came to call themselves proved to be effective citizens whose knowledge was often considered by those who sought it. Known throughout Minkai as masterful planners, they have played a pivotal role in developing the infrastructure of the country.


The Hornet are a fairly isolationist group. They have always had a difficult time understanding the day to day affairs of their peers and believe that most of their struggles are ultimately insignificant. This is not to say that they don’t believe in the empire, rather, they think that most other clans have lost focus on the more important matters. Like the Crane, the Hornet believe in striving to better themselves. Unlike other races, however, the elves do not believe that their souls are able to be reincarnated and that they instead have one attempt at living to their maximum worth.

As such, they seek challenges which will yield far off rewards to the empire. Their home of Funayama would be considered little more than a wasteland to other clans, and yet the Hornet seek to one day transform it into a paradise akin to Tianshu. Like their uncouth Bear neighbors, the Hornet also defend the interior of Minkai from outsiders such as the Xian or the harpies.


Daimyo: Mazoku
Population: ~17,000
Military: ~2200
Wealth: Typical
Enterprises: Mercenaries, Planners


The blistering cold of Funayama is more isolated than just about any other province in Minkai. This isolation suits the Hornet just fine, as their elven ideals can sometimes complicate their relations with other clans. As all of their kind, the Hornet make decisions based on long term implications rather than the here and now, and they rarely make decisions that quickly. Small-scale conflicts and negotiations are often beneath their notice. However, Funayama’s relative lack of resources and obscure location has forced the clan to involve itself by hiring out its services not just as mercenaries, but as contractors and performers.

The neighboring province of Gan has proven to be a thorn in the side of the Hornet clan. They believe that the slavers of the Bear clan have abducted their citizens, though they never found concrete proof of this.




Funamaki – Capital

Customs and Traditions

The elves of the Hornet clan are exceptionally long lived when compared to their peers. Such long lives can often influence an elf’s outlook on life and in fact will physically alter their appearance to suit the areas in which they have lived. As such, the Hornets of Funayama are very pale in complexion.

In order to avoid becoming overly exposed to a single condition, most Hornets will travel across the rest of Minkai hoping to experience new sensations. It is not uncommon for an elf to leave his homeland for as long as 100 years at a time. These outings, known as Samayo, often place a significant part in determining how an elf views the outside world.

Elves do not believe in familial titles as other Min do. Instead, the consider themselves to be unified by their clan only, and all within it are assessed on individual merits. Other clans see this as disrespectful, but elves believe that all of their bloodlines are connected in some form.

The elves differ somewhat from the rest of the Min in that they regard hunters and leatherworkers with the same respect as a farmer, seeing great value in their contributions. However, they believe that masons and miners instead make up the lowest of contributors to society as they are forced to work with non-living things.


The mon of the clan is a hornet with its stinger at the ready. Their official colors are orange and yellow

Hornet Clan

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