Firefly Clan



The land of Minkai is among the most mysterious locations on Nalvinar. Dragons, spirits, beasts, and mortals have all co-existed in relative harmony since the time of Akio. However, time and time again this peace has been tested. Spirits have been angered. Beasts and mortals hunt one another without mercy. Even the mythical dragons have seemed discontent with the Min. The Firefly were the first to notice these signs by communing with the otherworldly kami residing in the forests of Tianshu. The beings seemed distressed by the desecration of the land, the violence that persisted, and the ongoing lack of compassion exhibited by the children of Akio. Believing it was not too late to redeem themselves, the first Firefly swore and oath to maintain harmony throughout Minkai.


Above all else, the Firefly strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Living so near to the Land of Spirits has shown the Tian that there is much more to the world than meets the eye. The fleeting desires of one’s existence are merely an obstacle, and that it is the duty of each Min to preserve the land itself, as it is the cradle of all life. While most clans revere the Kami to some extent, the Firefly have incorporated them into nearly all of their philosophies. To the Firefly, all living things play an important part in the world around them.

However, the Firefly also believe that action must be taken or corrupting influences will eventually overcome the natural order. Aberrations and other unnatural creatures disrupt the cycle of the world and must be stopped whenever possible. Fellow Min who seek to exploit the riches of the land for their own good are seen as misinformed, and must be set upon the correct path.


Daimyo: Kanasuna Emiri
Population: ~26,000
Military: ~1700
Wealth: Typical
Enterprises: Religion, Luxury goods, Animal Husbandry


The Firefly are more invested in the spiritual and natural aspects of Minkai. Their own expansive territory is lush with enough natural resources to make them very wealthy. However, much to the dismay of many neighbors, the clan conserves these resources to the best of their ability. The few goods that they do produce, however, are of excellent quality and are in extremely high demand across Minkai.

The Firefly dislike those who over-expand beyond their needs. The massive cities of Rebunka and a the many fortresses of Zukeran are seen as wasteful to many Tians who believe that such constructions will anger the kami. The Turtle clan of Wazaki and the Hornet clan of Funayama are seen as good stewards of the natural world.







Kamisukita – Capital


Customs and Traditions

More than most clans, the Dragonfly have a strong affinity with nature. They spend little time inside, preferring the splendor of their pristine forest territory. Most shops and workshops in Tianshu are open air.

The Dragonfly revere most animals as dishonored ancestors, and treat them with as much respect as they would for any man. Animals are permitted to roam freely throughout their cities and are often given treats and gifts.

The Dragonfly are unilaterally vegetarian as they do not wish to risk an ancestor’s chance of improving themselves before the time comes for them to reincarnate once more.


The mon of the clan is a firefly illuminating the surrounding darkness. Their official colors are yellow and teal.

Firefly Clan

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