Bat Clan



The Bats have a reputation for keeping a low profile compared to many of the other major houses of Minkai, however, this is merely a ruse. In reality, the influence of the Bat can be found in every province of the nation hidden from prying eyes. Masters of the shadow, the Bat Clan has always seen the wisdom in spying, bribing, and stealing in order to “help” events unfold as they desire. While this reputation is well-known, finding actual proof of these deeds is easier said than done, allowing the Bats the freedom to feign ignorance.

What they do not deny, however, is the effectiveness of their ninja. These men and women are chosen from childhood to master the “Art of Night,” and are infamous throughout the country for their skills. While all Bat ninja are loyal to their Daimyo above all else, they are permitted the freedom to use their talents in service of those with the gold to afford them. This will sometimes even place ninja in direct competition with their own, a fact which they do not allow to influence them in the slightest. A ninja’s honor depends on their success. This has led to the Bats’ reputation as emotionless mercenaries. This is largely untrue, however, as nearly all profit or praise rewarded for an individual’s accomplishments will be willingly given to the coffers of the Daimyo.

The Bat have a very strange sense of morality. It is clear that they serve their house above all else, but any other relationships are tenuous at best. The Bat rarely ever fully commit to one side in a given conflict. This neutrality does little to dissuade fears that the Bat are plotting their own agenda, and thus many Bats are viewed with distrust. As a result of this, most Bats are very deliberate in their friendships and entrust their secrets only to those who have earned their trust.



Daimyo: Hirasaki Riko
Population: 14,500
Military: 2,500
Wealth: Prosperous
Purchase Limit 60,000 gp; Import Limit 150,000 gp
Enterprises: Mercenary Work, Information


The Bats are intentionally “apolitical,” but always seem to know more than they should. While they have no standing alliances or enemies with other clans, they are have eyes and ears within each of them. Should any clan request their aid the Bats will offer their assistance, if the pay is right. Jima has accrued a great deal of wealth from these clandestine endeavors, and no clan seeks to make an enemy of them.




Komori – Capital

Customs and Traditions

Bats are quiet and unassuming folk. They almost always “get a feel” for an outsider by asking several questions to determine their purpose. This can seem blunt or even rude to some, but the Bats simply see it as common sense.

Bat villages are quaint and rarely feature many outside symbols of wealth or pride. This humility is both a reflection of the values of the common folk, and another measure of security against any who may be trying to assess their resources.


The mon of the Bat Clan is a soaring bat silently surveying the land around it. Their official colors are black and purple.

Bat Clan

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